How we predict the future.

Predicting the future has traditionally been flawed. Some scientists are more accurate than others though. Doomsday has been predicted a high number of times but at this point, every single prediction has failed. Probably due to unprecise underlying information and personal interpretations of that information.

It is said that Knowing The Past Opens The Door To The Future. And I think in some sense there is a lot of truth to that statement. But I would like to add that knowing the past is one thing. Letting go of the past is another. Because if you are attached to the past you WILL repeat it over and over again until you let go of it and in this case, it is easy to predict the future. It will simply be a repetition. And in some cases, this is a safe way to predict the future, but certain criteria have to be met before this model is used. More on that later in this article.

We look at different lines in predicting the future.

  1. Ordinary evolution is the first line to look at. And this is the easy one.
  2. The evolution of consciousness is probably the most important and most complex. If we look at it the simple way, it goes from zero to full. That means our consciousness always expands in a way like a universe, which is simple to observe. Combining this with the physical evolution we get a lot of data on the past which makes predicting the future slightly more accurate. But this is a topic that will take three shelves in a library to explain. But in short, we lean to Ken Wilber’s Integral Philosophy. Read more here.
  3. The known rules of development of society. We know society evolves through certain rules. For example, Moore’s law says that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles every 2 years. There are stats on oil extraction, co2 content in the atmosphere, trends in Lithium, and storage of electricity. And hundreds more.
  4. Free your mind – as Neo said in Matrix, is important in order NOT to repeat the mistakes of the past. In turn, it will set your imagination free!

At Scream Sheet we start predicting the future first and foremost by imagination and fantasy. Like a brainstorm where everything is possible. Step 2 is applying stats and rules and seeing where we end up.

We work with a worst-case scenario and a best-case scenario. And in between, we have a number of scenarios that are less extreme. We apply probability percentage to each prediction and these are projected points in time. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 500 years. The longer projection the lower the probability score.

These are the highlights of projections for the next 50 years which are slightly to the ‘bad’ side:


1. Government.

We are at a dangerous point in human evolution. 40% of the western population is in the Egoic state. These are power-hungry people who need to build and reinforce their egos. Only 15% of the human race has evolved PAST this stage which makes them much more qualified leaders, because they have their egos in control and are a lot more visionary and open to the rest of the human race, but they are overrun by the 40% who fights solely for their own needs and their own security. The 40% are afraid of not having enough resources to survive which makes them greedy and rich beyond measure. The 15% have conquered that fear and have faith in the future. But at the same time, they evolve further and lose interest in being world leaders.

During the next many years a lot of the 40% will grow up and enter the stage of the 15% and that stage will grow. But this has to grow at least to the same size before we see any real ethical change in the world. We predict it will take 50 more years before this happens. We need to have a very bad one-world government before we can transform it to something great that actually serves humanity instead of the elite.

2. Police and military.

Is no longer public. It was a collaboration between the world’s biggest private military contractors who always propagandized perpetuated wars. For profit of course. Today they are part of the government. They control society and they control the masses. They have surveillance everywhere and they watch your every move. Weapons are high-tech and controlled by OneMind. Most of the ‘Justice’ workforce are robots. Flying, driving, and walking.

As you are connected to OneMind your precise whereabouts is always known. Yur thoughts are known and what we once called Thought Police is now a reality.


3. Digital Nomads/StreetKids

Anybody who is familiar with Cyberpunk knows these expressions.

As the government controls pretty much everything most jobs will be in the public sector… Except the public sector is privately owned now!

There will be jobs outside the government, but many of them will be illegal. Organized crime will be the only way for a lot of people to survive. Bear in mind it is the government who decides what is a crime!

The bright side is you can work from everywhere. You don’t have a computer. You ARE a computer! Only a very few jobs are physical. Most jobs are intellectual/digital and computer-related. It is often on On Mind. But AI does most of the work. A lot of people are outsiders with no jobs. They have to find or build houses outside the city. The real unemployment rate will be near 75%.


4. Surveillance Capitalism (Shoshana Zuboff) – more than 80% probability.

Data about us are being collected and sold until 2040. In 2070, we are simply accounts in OneMind and these accounts reflect how much we are indebted to the government corporation. The more we work, the less we are in debt. The government provides food from their factories and apartments we can live in. And we pay with work. Credits are fully traceable and every buy we make reflects our needs, our habits, and our location. A flying car will be paid with more work and so on. There will still be privately owned restaurants museums and amusement, but most people can’t afford it and they are under strict control by the government.

Every move we make is recorded. Everything is digital and our bodies are linked to OneMind which remembers everything. Surveillance Capitalism has turned into Surveillance Totalitarism.


5. Life extension implants. More than 90% probability.

AI will be a major factor in life in 50 years. We will have a huge centralized cluster of AI-driven quantum computers. It will primarily be accessed wireless. The name will probably be OneMind or BigMind and it will control everything in society.

Add ons to the body have been known since glasses in 1285 and the pegleg later on, and in 1958 the first pacemaker was implanted. During the next fifty years, we will see a lot of cybernetic implants. We will become Cyborgs. Half human, half computer.

As a doctor can access the Internet and monitor Mr. Jenkin’s pacemaker today, AI will be fully in charge of implants.

The central part of this will be the Bio-Chip which is the interface between implants and The Central Nervous System. The Bio-Chip connects to other implants and to OneMind. There will be different kinds of upgrades

  1. Performance upgrades (physics). These are upgrades that make you run faster, jump higher, punch harder. It will be a combination of releasing certain chemicals in the bloodstream and electrical impulses to the brain and the targetted muscles.
  2. Body upgrades. Stem cells will be the foundation for body spare parts. You can have a new liver, new kidneys, and a new heart. The funny thing is when people get a new heart they change their personality. But that might be a good choice instead of dying. The average life expectancy in 2060 is 90 years and we are not losing life quality. In 2100 it will be 100 years.
  3. Data upgrades (Psychological and mental). Software upgrades and improvements. You can have an Auxillary Quantum Processor and extra memory implanted. Your thinking will be fast and efficient and access to OneMind will give you the data you need at lightning speed at any time.

Your health information and your upgrade history are stored in OneMind.

These implants are able to create the power they need from fluids and chemical reactions in the body. You can backup your entire brain and psyche so if you encounter brain damage you will still have access to your memories and data.

Artificial Intelligence has gone so far that detached rogue AI’s will be everywhere much like cyberpunks and hackers today.

You can wirelessly jack into your vehicle or connect to other people digitally. It is almost telepathic. And you can connect to a variety of private services.

We have inbuilt scanners. We can ever IR scan people and get information about their physical and emotional state.


6. Brain Dancing

A copy of your mind can be extracted via The BioChip. It can be stored, edited, and uploaded to an AI. With implants, your IQ will rise above 1000. The danger is that this will evolve into two-way communication. Data can be written back to you via the Bio-Chip and affect your neurons which means your memories can be changed. Your mood can be altered. Old neuron paths can be overwritten. New false memories can be written back. Via the Bio-Chip it is possible to tap data and compose a video of your past on a ‘video’ monitor. That includes a soundtrack and an emotional track and if you have an infrared sensory implant, you can also get a temperature map of events in your past. Your emotional state will also be readable. Lying is a bad idea. The factual events can always be extracted from your brain and with a one-world corporate government you can count on getting your mind read if it in any way constitute a threat to the government.

The Bio-Chip also opens you for hacking or hostile take over. Viruses can be uploaded to your brain which makes the demand for security extremely high. Enemy forces will be able to short circuit your brain and your electronics.

You can instantly share access or information through secure protocols with people you trust.


7. Hospitals

Hospitals are a combi of a local doctors’ clinic, a car workshop, electronics, and software engineering. You can make an appointment at any spare part doc. They are financed by the government. But if you want some of the more specific (illegal) implants you need to see a doc in the slums.

Big Pharma’s job is to pump pacification medics into society and your body. They control the physical part of our bodies and they are also manufacturing all the fancy tech that works as implants in your bodies. Except there is a black market for implants too.

The issue “Public health vs. Private wealth” is even more evident in 2060.


8. Jobs and the workforce

We are already seeing people working in the Metaverse. People who are free to work from where ever they are from a laptop. More and more work can be done “on the run”. On travel, in a train, on a plane, on a beach, from home – anywhere.

in 2069, 99% of all jobs are for the Corp Government. Food factories are fully automated. Meat is grown like plants. It is called Neat instead of Meat! 75% of the inhabitants on this planet are ‘unemployed and there is no welfare which means crime is extremely high. Social Service (socialism) makes no money so there will be none. Factories for vehicles are fully automated. Not a single person is hired for these. It is run by AI.


9. Vehicles

Gravity is no secret anymore. We know what magnetism and attraction are. Vehicles are flying and fully automated. All vehicles communicate with OneMind and if not they are immediately grounded.


10. Advertising is 2060

Advertising as we know it is dead in 50 years. One World Corporate Government owns everything. There is no need for ads anymore. But we are in a way back to the old Eastern European speakers that were everywhere in USSR. Now the government propaganda is shown on monitors all over the world. We still have radio and television, but it is a propaganda instrument of the government. Journalism is dead in 2060.

The scream sheets are everywhere. In every government apartment and in almost every street.

During 2000-2030 the world’s 6 largest media companies were all controlled by people who were nothing but Corporate stooges. Today there is only one company in charge and it is owned and controlled by the government. They control your mind and you don’t even know it.


11. Art. More than 90% probability.

We have art in 2050. 99% is computer manufactured. And it can be extremely beautiful. It’s math-based. So is music. 100% computer created.


12. Privacy – More than 90% probability.

Privacy is non-existing. Everything you do is registered and recorded. And if you are a faithful law-abiding citizen your entire info history is stored in OneMind. Some of us know how to avoid that. There are millions of cameras everywhere and satellite optics has become so efficient that they can record insects mating!


13. Digital ID

Digital ID will in 2030 be an app on our phones that gives us access to our bank account, doctor, hospitals, vaccine status, health information, rental cars, buying property, schools, most shops, driver’s license, social status (think China) and work status. This ID will have access to all your biomedical metrics.

In 1067 it will all be stored on OneMind and if you are not connected via your Bio-Chip you are off the grid. Totally. You have no access to your credits, your education, your car, apartment, anything…

You will become homeless and you will have nothing.

Government can turn off one or more or all of your access to OneMind and your only real security is the ‘criminal’ network that can provide you with access to the black market instead. Without this, you will die.

Without Digital ID you are nothing.

All info about every citizen in the world will be harvested. Facial recognition, DNA, fingerprints can be scanned from a photo on social media. Today it is not legal to harvest this inf but governments do it anyway. God’s eye from Fast and Furious or Eagle Eye is a reality in 2067.


14. Education.

You can get whatever knowledge you want from One mind. If you want to know about astronomy, you can connect to or download a library that contains all known information about the universe. We have no schools. Knowledge is free. Even physical training can be downloaded. Special libraries will create and replace neuron paths and implement years of physical or mental training in a matter of weeks. You still have to train your muscles though. As we have done since the beginning of mankind.