Healing the World

So you think you are doing great things when supporting Ukraine and condemning Russia? Do you think you are healing the world by taking sides and giving your support to Ukraine and your hate to Russia?

Most people are one-sided. Remember all the wars the US started? Did you condemn them? The US has started 50-200 wars depending on your definition of war and this is OK? A greater perspective shows us how narrow-minded and blind we are.

History tells us humans have a tendency to stand by the victims and condemn the perps. We have done this for millenniums. And we still have wars. In fact more than ever and bigger than ever.

We sincerely believe that taking part and speaking up for the victims and condemning the aggressors will heal the situation.

Do you really believe you are healing anything by dividing???

YES – dividing!


We aren’t healing anything. We are antagonizing even more. We are escalating the conflict by taking sides. We are polarizing. We are DIVIDING.

That is the opposite of healing – right?

Unfortunately, that is most people’s fundamental way of viewing the world. Dividing. This habit comes from our Reptile brain and we used this technique a long time ago when we were living in the savannah. We needed it back then in order to survive. We needed to be able to spot who is a friend and who is a foe fast in order to survive.

This is how our old brains work. This method saved our lives over and over again in the past. But the method is outdated and can’t be used for anything else than our personal survival! And our survival – yours and mine as spectators of the conflict are not in any danger here!

We need a new strategy. A strategy that is based on reality rather than unconsciousness.

If we seriously want to heal the world we need to stop dividing! We need HEALING instead. TRUE Healing!

And how do we do that?

Well, let’s look at evolution and personal growth first.


Three tiers of consciousness.

The first tier of consciousness is the divided stage. This is where most people are. This means you don’t see yourself as a whole being. There are a lot of things about yourself you haven’t recognized yet. We are divided into Ego and Shadow. What we think we are and what we think we are not. If you are blaming others – even politicians, you are in this group. This stage of consciousness relates to our three brains. They are all divided and work by antagonizing, labelling, taking part, rejecting etc.

The second tier is the healed stage. Less than 5% of mankind is at this stage. But fear not. The number is growing and 100 years ago this was very close to zero! So we are living in times of hope!

If you are at this stage you take 100% responsibility for your needs and your emotions. You don’t take part because you know the damage it does to yourself as well as other people. You don’t blame people. You take responsibility and act! You are able to say clearly Yes to things you want and No to things you don’t want. You don’t care what other people think about you. You know it is more important what you think about YOU! This stage relates to our heart and our Frontal Lobes.

The third tier is the One Mind stage. It is possible to count people who are at this stage. They are very few. But you will know when you meet them and connect. This tier is not relevant to the scope of this article.

Evolution has come to a point where a lot of people are becoming ready to transition from tier one to tier two. As long as we are unconscious of it, it will take a lot of time. But if we deeply know what we are doing we can do it faster. Are you willing to transition into this new stage or are old habits and fear holding you back? If it is you can use it to decide which stage you are on. If you take action full-hearted no matter the price you are at tier 2. If you deny you are at tier one. And that is where you contribute to the problem – not the solution. Just take a look at the condition of the world right now.


True Healing

We need to STOP taking sides and look at the situation from a higher perspective. Both sides have reasons for doing what they do and we need to DEEPLY understand BOTH sides. No matter if we like it or not! Our egoic or emotional preference is irrelevant in the big picture.

You can’t heal the world. But you can heal yourself. And by healing yourself you actually contribute to the healing of the World!

If we want to Heal instead of Divide we need to stop taking part. We need to recognize that whatever created the situation doesn’t matter! It is always a series of events leading to conflict. It is NOT suddenly out of nowhere Russia invades Ukraine. There is a long series of events that built up to the invasion. It doesn’t matter who started it. What really matters is that you and I END it!

If you really want to heal the divided parts of this conflict and if you at the same time really want to heal the two sides of you that are at war, you can do this exercise:

  1. Start by contacting your heart or remember a situation where you were in contact with Love and Peace.
  2. Then imagine you hold BOTH SIDES of the conflict in your mind. Equally. If you feel any resistance hold that in your mind too. Don’t reject ANYTHING.
  3. When you hold both sides of the conflict in your mind focus again on your Heart.
  4. Send Love and Healing to BOTH parts of the conflict. This way you perform World-Class Healing and NOT division. You heal yourself!

It is a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind!

By healing yourself you are healing the world.