Dear Klaus!

I have followed your education of Young Global Leaders with huge interest. I have seen how they fail in popularity over and over again, and I have seen how they rise to power and fall to the ground.

They all look alike in many ways. It is as if they are all from the same gene pool. They say the same things. They do the same things. They have the same distanced attitude towards other human beings. Almost as if they don’t like them. They all have the same agenda, and my guess is they also think the same thoughts.

I’m sure they get the same education and – excuse me for mentioning it, the same programming, and that is the reason for their assembly line-like qualities.

What your Young Global Leaders cannot do, is give the people what they want, because they do not possess what people want. Yes, I know that is none of your concern. They are pushed to be leaders no matter what. And this is why we do not trust them. Not at all.  This is why they fall. The people will always make sure this happens. The french revolution. The fall of the Berlin wall, The Arabic spring. The people always get what THEY want in the end. Because we The People are the strongest.

But what is it people want from their leaders?

Dear Klaus! It is ONLY one thing! One tiny little thing. But you don’t have it and your Young Global Leaders don’t have it. So you will fail.

I will give you a hint.

Out here in the big world, we have companies and institutions that realized long ago what you haven’t. What it takes to be a real Leader in the future!

They are teaching The Leaders of The Future this one single thing you still don’t know what is. And if you haven’t realized it at this point in reading, it simply proves you have no idea how the future is going to look.

For example, Jocko Willinks and Echelon Front is an organization of former Navy Seals. They know what I am talking about. As a soldier, you learn some deep valuable things about teams, team spirit, and bonds on such a deep level that you will sacrifice your life for one of your teammates. My commander did not command us to go through hell while looking from the sideline. He was always the FIRST in the frontline and because he showed us the way – leading by example, we trusted him and we followed him through anything.

And there are others. A lot of them. Luckily.

The power of Young Global Leaders is based on money, fear, and scarcity. The power of The Leader Of The Future is based on human values, freedom, and abundance. Your Young Global Leaders are leading from The Limbic Brain and partly from Neo Cortex which in this case only acts as an instrument for personal needs – like ambition and a substitute for the father that never acknowledged his child. The True Leaders of The Future Leads from a combination of The Limbic Brain, Neo Cortex, AND the Frontal Lobes! This means openness and true insights. In short, it means Heart!

Your Young Leaders have huge egos and belong to the group of leaders who get their power from personal ambition. Thus they lack humanity, humility, and the guts to lead by example. They are pure cowards hiding behind a cold facade and we see them as inferior enemies. They always seem to belong to one of these three groups:

  1. Narcissists
  2. Sociopaths
  3. Psychopaths

And we can’t use leaders with these diagnoses or attributes. That’s why your Young Global Leaders will continue to fail and the true Leaders of the Future will succeed. It’s all part of evolution and you are way behind.


I wish you all the best.