There are probably almost as many views on how a leader should lead as there are leaders! I tend to view leadership styles from an evolutionary angle. This means I place the different schools on a timeline going from the medieval to 50 years into the future.

This is an interview made by Author Debra Quincy. She is talking to a former Navy SEAL Dave, who is a freelance mercenary and runs a number of nightclubs in California.


– How many people do you have working for you in all of your business?

– I have 159 people employed right now and around twenty loosely attached being paid in dirty money – you know… undeclared work. Supporting the shadow economy using some of the incoming cash flow, and on top of that, I have some contractors and associates I hire for certain jobs.

– You know them all?

– I met them all, but I don’t exactly know all of them. But I remember their names and most of their children’s names too. It’s good to have something to talk about or ask questions about when I meet them. I learned people feel better and are happier if I ask how their kids are doing or talk about some other private or personal stuff.

– I learned I pass value to my co-workers when I show interest in their lives, kids, cars, and hobbies. I try to leave people better than I meet them. To give them a boost of energy or happiness. It doesn’t cost me anything, and they feel appreciated. It works fantastic. I try to be my best authentic self because it works like an invitation for them to be open-minded when I am open-minded. It creates a connection I value greatly because I also need to be part of something.

– Yee… I sure understand the part about being part of a group. By the way… You don’t strike me as the standard ass-kissing boring kind of leader who says what he thinks people wanna hear and do what he thinks his boss wanna see. You do what the fuck is needed no matter the consequence.

– I don’t wanna try to be something I am not. I have the desire, to be honest, and preserve my integrity. Pull off my masks and reveal who I really am. I have a lot to give, and I love giving people what they need. Whether it’s attention, money, or time… If I have it, I will share it. Basically, I want to be happy, and I assume pretty much all people want the same. And besides… I’m a huge believer in having fun!

– Most leaders try to be strong, and they confuse power with leadership. I try to be authentic. Actually, I try to master the ten A’s of Class A Leadership. This is something I came up with in a bright moment.

– Ten A’s? What is that?

– Well… The five masculine qualities are Agenda, Awareness, Assertiveness, Action, and Authenticity. Agenda means having a plan for your life.

– The five feminine qualities are Authority, Attention, Attraction, Admiration, and Accountability. In a way they are almost a result of mastering the Masculine A’s.

– Working with this has made me much more Appreciative, Attentive, and Amazing!

– Okay, bragging a little here, but it is Amazing that things happen when you want them to happen, and it is amazing to be able to give people what they desire.

– This work also made me an Achiever, an Accomplisher, an Adventurer, an Alchemist, and even the Author of my own friggin’ life.

– When I say Alchemist, I mean I am now able to transform almost any negative situation into something positive.

– Man! I want you as my boss! These A’s are Awesome!!

– Don’t regard me as a boss. I want to be human. I indeed started the companies, but we are all together in this, kinda like a huge family, and I’m simply the grease that makes the engine run smoothly with all its gears and bolts and nuts. I’m the janitor. I take care of things. Also my employees and associates.

– I try to build a good life for myself, my friends, my associates, and my employees and hope that I can contribute to a better world one day.

– That’s my A-game.

– I feel you, man! I feel you. And I continued:

– Once in the army, we had an international drill in cooperation with a SAS platoon and a Navy Seal platoon, and the biggest takeaway for me was the kind of leadership these guys had. They were sooooo committed, and my conclusion was that bad leaders do what is easy or popular. Great leaders do what’s right! No matter the pain!

– That’s very, very true! Dave said. A Navy Seal HAS to do what’s right. Otherwise, it comes back to you and bites your ass. Wrong decisions can be lethal.

– In your opinion – What is the most important trait of a good leader?

– That’s a tough one. Dave paused for a long time while he searched for an answer.

– I think there are a few equally important traits.

• 200% responsibility for everything you make happen – including what happens to you. Even taking responsibility for how you perceive the world and other humans. I call it Extreme Ownership because you have to be responsible for your feelings, your actions, your words, your health, your buddies and so on.
• Integrity. Because I believe in honesty. If you want people to trust you, you can’t lie! You HAVE to be honest.
• Great leaders are obsessed with execution.
• And they are world-class listeners.

– And bad leaders would probably place Ambition as the most important trait, I commented.

– Yeah, they want status because their dads never told them how proud they were of them. They still seek validation. Many of them use manipulation, control, and micromanagement. All of which are destructive and counterproductive. I guess 97% of all leaders out there are in that category!

– Wow! 97%! That’s a lot. But thinking about it, you might be right.


I have had 30 leaders in different jobs and 25 of them are not worth mentioning. . They all had the same problem. The same attitude. See me dad. Am I good enough? They still seek validation.


– Unveiling the depths of your soul, crafting a profound narrative for your existence, that’s the soul-stirring essence. It’s not just important; it’s an absolute game-changer. Passion is the force that propels you forward, the unwavering focus that breathes life into your most audacious dreams.

– Do what you do with Love and Passion or don’t do it at all!

– Discovering your ultimate purpose isn’t just a milestone; it’s an internal blaze. Picture it like an inferno, a fervor so intense that it courses through your veins. Unstoppable becomes your middle name. Your passion becomes a force, so potent that it could intimidate the unprepared. Yet, here’s the hidden truth – embracing and settling into that passion is the key.

– Gaze at those twinkling stars, my friend. Align your aspirations with the loftiest purpose of your being, let that be your guiding star. It’s more than just a compass; it’s a beacon that illuminates your path, infusing your journey with direction and meaning beyond imagination.

– And the beauty of it all? When you’re living with purpose and ardor, you become a magnetic force. Like a flame drawing moths, you attract kindred spirits, individuals whose passion resonates harmoniously with yours. They’ll gravitate towards you, captivated by your every word, cheering you on through every twist and turn.

– So, why the hesitation? Seize the moment and script your narrative – your PASSION. Unearth that ultimate purpose and let your fervor shine brilliantly. The world is holding its breath, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of your extraordinary narrative!

Awareness (or Awakening)

– To ascend to the zenith of your prowess, you must embrace an unwavering sense of awareness. I’m not merely referring to the act of being awake; I’m urging you to transcend into realms of consciousness that elevate you to new heights.

– Let me lay it bare – countless leaders are blissfully ignorant of the dynamics within their own teams. They navigate through a fog of assumptions, believing their perceptions to be an unassailable reality.

– But, awareness operates on multiple tiers. The initial tier is internal awareness – the discernment between what is tangible and what is a mere figment of the mind. An endeavor that eludes the grasp of most.

– The subsequent level is collective awareness – delving into the pulse of your team, your company, or your family. Yet, the saga doesn’t conclude there. You must extend your gaze beyond, encompassing city limits, national boundaries, and the very fabric of our interconnected globe. Decision-making without considering the broader impact is a misstep of colossal proportions; it’s the epitome of basic wisdom.

– And here’s the revelation – awareness isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to creativity. To wield the brush of innovation, you must first paint your canvas with awareness. It’s a symbiotic simplicity, my friends.

– So, rouse from your slumber and be vigilant. Your team, your company, and the entire world place their trust in your capacity to be aware. Do not falter, for the symphony of existence awaits the conductorship of your awakened consciousness. Rise and shine, for the world beckons for your mindful leadership!



 – Dialogue it’s a symphony of positivity, appreciation, heart-to-heart on assertiveness and respect woven into the fabric of your communication, all while being crystal clear about your desires.

– Picture this: when you’re assertive, your actions align seamlessly with your words. No dancing around, no mind games – you dive straight into the heart of the matter and own it with unwavering certainty.

– But here’s the emotional core – assertiveness isn’t a license for bullying. Absolutely not, not on our watch. It’s a dance of empowerment, a delicate balance of standing up for yourself while cherishing the boundaries and emotions of those around you.

– So, the next time you engage with someone, infuse it with assertiveness. Let the air be charged with positivity, appreciation, respect, and precision. Speak your truth, embody your words, and always, always honor the perspectives and emotions of others. That, my champions, is the essence of assertiveness – a dance of strength with a heartbeat of empathy.


– Let’s dive into the heartbeat of action, where dreams transform into reality and execution reigns supreme!

– Listen closely – words may flow effortlessly, but it’s the decisive steps that set leaders apart from mere followers. You can weave intricate tales of your plans and aspirations, but without action, they remain mere echoes in the wind.

– Enter the stage of execution. Triumph belongs to those who not only articulate their visions but march resolutely towards them. Successful leaders don’t just articulate, they embody. They immerse themselves in the labor, confront the tough choices, and execute their plans with a blend of precision and fervor.

– But, hey, don’t just take my word for it – peek into the annals of history, where luminaries like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey etched their names. Their narratives weren’t mere soliloquies; they were sagas of determination and action.

– So, the next time your aspirations beckon, remember this – action speaks volumes, far louder than the grandest declarations. It’s not just about talking; it’s about DOING! Step into the arena and execute with the valor of a true champion!


– Have you ever considered that words spoken are just a fragment of the narrative you express? Indeed, your unspoken language, the subtle dance of body language, tone, and gestures, weaves a narrative of its own. But here’s the intriguing aspect – when your words diverge from your body language, and your tone adds another layer, the message can become a labyrinth. It’s a perplexing puzzle, a signature move of those who choose deceit.

– Now, picture a scenario where all your communication channels harmonize, singing in unison. How much more profound and impactful would your message become? There’s an art to managing and directing these channels to create a seamless narrative. Yet, attempting to stifle or manipulate a channel expressing a different tale may cast a shadow of dishonesty and inauthenticity.

– The alternative? Embrace the true essence of yourself. Understand the intricate language of your communication channels, including the silent notes they play. Through honesty, openness, and genuine presence, you can master the delicate art of authenticity. Projecting a message that resonates deeply and consistently with your audience becomes second nature. Always bear in mind – authenticity holds the key to forging meaningful connections.

– Embarking on a journey to master these five A’s gently guides you toward a more balanced existence, opening the door to at least five additional facets waiting to be mastered. It’s a gift – a serene exploration, a flow that weaves a tapestry of emotional equilibrium.

– Achieving and maintaining equilibrium is absolutely essential!

– There’s a cost to always being extreme, and it’s often a cost you’d rather not pay! 

– Being in balance appeals to a lot more people.


– Leadership is more than a mere title or position; it’s a way of existence. It’s about having a clear sense of direction and the bravery to guide others along that path. Authentic authority is not bestowed; it’s earned through wisdom and authenticity. A leader who understands their purpose and harmonizes all communication channels with their objectives commands respect and becomes a source of inspiration.

– The potency of a title pales in comparison to substance. A genuine leader doesn’t need to proclaim their authority; their actions and words resonate far louder than any title. Genuine authority is built on the pillars of trust, respect, and integrity, requiring time and dedication to nurture. Only then can a leader authentically claim their position at the helm and steer their team towards triumph.

– There is a huge difference between being Authotorian and owning the gift of Authority!


– Attention is the gentle flame that kindles the blaze of triumph! It materializes when your words, like well-aimed arrows, find the center of your audience’s hearts and minds. Yet, it’s not merely about raising your voice; it’s about speaking with precision, with intention, and with a resounding impact. It’s an art of understanding your audience, conversing in the language that resonates with them.

– In the contemporary world, attention serves as the currency of influence, distinguishing leaders from mere followers. When you possess the ability to seize someone’s attention, you wield the authority to transform perspectives, ignite actions, and forge enduring change. Channel your focus into refining your message, honing your delivery, and unleashing the profound power of attention. module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

– Attention is not something you can demand. People will give you their Attention when they trust you to lead them.


– Attraction is the sublime force that beckons the world toward you, akin to a moth drawn to a flame. It transcends mere surface charm; it thrives when every facet of your being is harmoniously aligned. When your physical presence, emotional well-being, mental clarity, energetic aura, and spiritual foundation synchronize seamlessly, you exude an irresistible allure.

– However, it’s crucial to remember that attraction goes beyond seeking external validation; it’s about drawing in elements and individuals that resonate with your values, dreams, and aspirations. This journey demands commitment and diligence. It demands you to master the five first A’s! Once you’ve laid the groundwork, the world will extend an invitation to your door. So, prepare to radiate and signal to the universe that you are open to embracing all it has to offer!

– This, my friend, is the authentic Law of Attraction in action!


– Admiration, like the gentle flow of sweet nectar, naturally gravitates towards genuine leaders, much like bees drawn to honey. It emerges organically from the unwavering commitment and actions directed towards one’s purpose, team, and community. True leaders, guided by principles of integrity, passion, and authenticity, find admiration effortlessly trailing in their wake.

– The counsel is simple: do not pursue admiration directly. Instead, pursue excellence, and admiration will gracefully follow in its wake.


– Accountability beckons us to halt the blame game and embark on a journey of decisive action. True leadership emerges when we embrace responsibility, acknowledging and learning from our mistakes. Instead of pointing fingers when a team member falters, let’s redirect our focus to solutions and supporting their success.

– Approach with humility, be open to learning from failures, and pose questions like, “How can I support them? What could I have done differently?” Reflect on the leaders who earn your respect – is it the one who evades responsibility and assigns blame, or the one who steps forward, takes ownership, and pledges to improve?

– Consider this: which leader garners more respect? The one who deflects blame with a harsh ultimatum, or the one who admits fault, expresses regret, and commits to improvement? The answer is evident – let’s opt for accountability and cultivate the respect of those around us. Be the catalyst for positive change, embody accountability, and earn the respect you deserve!

Harmony Unveiled

– That was a long and somewhat complicated story. But here is a recap:

– Embrace the synergy of masculine and feminine qualities – Agenda, Awareness, Assertiveness, Action, and Authenticity, harmonizing effortlessly with Authority, Attention, Attraction, Admiration, and Accountability.

– In this delicate equilibrium, you’ll unfold as someone deeply Appreciative, Intrinsically Attentive, and undeniably Amazing! The transformation extends beyond, propelling you into realms of an Achiever, Accomplisher, Adventurer, Alchemist, and the Author of your own narrative.

– Behold, the emergence of a True Alfa Male, the Answer to people’s queries. Your journey becomes a testament to the delicate dance between these qualities, fostering not just personal growth but a profound connection with the world around you.

The Vanguard of Tomorrow

 – Imagine the Leader of the Future, a living embodiment of Authenticity, Action, Attention, Attraction, Admiration, and Accountability. But hold on, we’ve deliberately omitted Ambition for a profound reason. Ambition, often rooted in unmet childhood needs, can steer leadership toward imbalance and self-interest. Yet, through introspection, ambition can transmute into an extraordinary force – PASSION! And passion, my friends, is infectious.

– Gone are the days of divisive politics, of left versus right. What we crave are leaders who elevate us, not drag us down. The archaic paths of leadership have hit a dead end; it’s time for a revolutionary leader to emerge. A leader who is whole, embracing all opposites, grounded in Leadership and Awareness. Let’s bid farewell to the old ‘leaders by title’ and welcome The Leader of the Future with open hearts.

– We stand on the brink of an evolutionary leap, where conventional methods of the past falter in the face of today’s challenges. Why? Our survival instincts historically relied on binary divisions – good or bad, friend or foe, light and dark. Now, we face a pivotal moment. We must embrace a new paradigm – one that transcends the limitations of this binary mindset. It’s time to act from wholeness, letting go of preconceptions and embracing creativity and openness. Are you prepared to take this evolutionary leap and shape a brighter future?

– This form of Leadership is a latent superpower within every human being, awaiting awakening. You, my friend, hold the potential to become the Leader of the Future, the maestro of your own life. It’s time to grasp ownership and responsibility for our destiny. Waiting for others, including governments, to shape our lives is no longer an option. We must seize control, and we must do it now.

– Despite this impressive lineup of A’s, there’s one element even more critical: EMPATHY. Oops, not an A, but an E! Perfection eludes us, and that’s okay.

– When you master these qualities, empathy flows effortlessly. It’s a complimentary gift for being an authentic, accountable, attentive, attractive, and admirable leader. Are you ready to unleash your dormant leadership superpower and become the Leader of the Future?