For several years now western men have been looking to Russia to find girls for marriage. I know several men who specifically targets Russian dating sites in order to find a Russian bride.

At one point I became curious and wanted to know why Russian girls were more interesting than girls downtown. So I asked some of my friends who had a wife or girlfriend from Russia. I got a few different answers.

  1. Russian girls are simply a lot more beautiful than girls elsewhere.
  2. Russian girls are much more faithful than western girls and they won’t fight with you as many western girls do.

Of course, I had to check if this was true so I looked up a few Russian dating sites on Google. And low and behold! They were beautiful! It looked like they had done a lot of preparations to look as great as possible where western women often just upload a selfie from the phone.

But in my research, I found that men in Russia are not that attractive to Russian women. It goes back to World War 2. It appeared that a great number of boys grew up after the war without a father because he was killed in the war. This made a mess of young men who never had a father figure to learn from. After 70 years this is still a problem.

Russian women are often well educated and men, in general, are slightly behind which means Russian women are more independent than Russian men. Besides, Vodka is a huge problem for a lot of men. But finding self-worth in a bottle of Vodka doesn’t seem to be the best idea.


Russian culture is different.

Russian women will always bring presents when they visit you so you better be prepared with a few gifts yourself!

Russian women invite you to be Galant. Holding the door. Pushing the chair. Walk on the car side of the pavement. Pay the bills etc. Do it and become more masculine!