I think most of us have this subtle but nagging feeling about Facebook and fact-checking. Like something is a little off. This is because when people claim they have the truth, something in me says: LIAR!!!

I know enough about the ultimate truth to state that I do NOT know the truth. And claiming you know the truth is somewhat arrogant in my world. And it always implies there is another agenda. I don’t know what that agenda is, but I am convinced truth is NOT the agenda.

It is a neuropsychological fact that we are programmed. Culture, religion, and growing up leaves an imprint that is our foundation for everything in life. Including our perception of things. This means that 7 billion people have 7 billion perceptions. Some would appear to be rather similar and others would appear to be rather different. But the 64 million dollar question is: Who is right?

The one-cent answer is: None of them!

Ten people go to see the same movie. Three think it is a wonderful movie. Two hates it. Three more are indifferent. One left halfway and one fell asleep. Which of them has a truthful perception of that movie?

They are all right and they are all wrong!

The fact is that as long as we can’t free our minds from our past, we don’t stand a Chinaman’s chance in hell to perceive things 100% clear! It is impossible. And that’s why we have a very colourful world of different opinions. Every single person in this universe is biased in some way!

I have had this slightly ‘off’ feeling for a year now so I decided to do some fact-checking on the fact-checkers. And it appeared to be an excellent idea.

When Facebook post warnings about controversial topics or when they delete posts that ‘are not in alignment with our independent fact-checkers’, they refer to an independent organization called factcheck.org.

Factcheck.org is not just a name. They chose it carefully. The extension .org in particular. Using the name factcheck.org sends a signal. Or rather they TRY to send a signal. They want to appear as an authority on facts. Thus the extension .org.

Using a .org domain makes people think this is a kinda NGO thing or another independent ‘organization’. But it ain’t! It is a moneymaking company like Amazon or Walmart or any other profit-driven company.


Below is a summary of their funding Our Funding – FactCheck.org

Fiscal year: 2021

Annenberg Foundation: $406,159

Facebook (Third-Party Fact-Checking Program): $389,925

Individual donors: $208,990

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $99,870

Facebook (National Association of Black Journalists fact-checking fellowship program): $30,032

Google: $4,404

In total: $1,139,380

We do not know if they make money from other sources!

So Facebook sponsors Factcheck.org in 2021 with $389,925 and this makes it very hard to believe Fact check is what Facebook claims: Independent fact-checkers! They are NOT independent. They have a monetary chain between them! And they are NOT free from their programming.

And now we are at it… Facebook and TikTok also bribed Politifact.com founded by Tampa Bay Times.

Where does fact-checking lead?

Well… Ask yourself what is the best business in the world. I asked myself this a few years ago. It took me some months to come up with an answer. And the answer is:

The best business in the world is to own a government! Or rather ALL OF THEM!

I thought I was brilliant for a few weeks until I realized, if I can come up with this idea, then others would probably also be able to do it. Maybe they already have. Maybe they already own governments…

If we look at the lobbying system in the US, it looks like money rules the politicians. So, in a way, big money already owns the government. We also know that Facebook sponsored the democrats during the past elections. In other words, they already bought the politicians they want in power.

If big money owns the government – which I believe is a smooth process, taking one small step at a time, and they own a big part of the media – in this case, social media they have a huge amount of control over us. Fact-checking is part of the control mechanism that keeps their narrative alive and kills other people’s opinions. This is no different from the USSR did to their citizens in the last century!

Big money controls the government indirectly. The next step will be direct. There will be one super corporation that buys or otherwise control its biggest competitors. They will be in control of the government. It will probably not be Facebook. More likely Amazon. But Jeff is no better than Mark. Their only goal is MORE, MORE, MORE…

There is a word for this. Corporate fascism.


Factcheck.org is NOT an ‘organization’! It is a regular company!


So when Facebook says they use an ‘independent fact-checker’ they are lying because:

  • There is no one in the entire world that has a patent on truth.
  • Facebook is sponsoring Factcheck.org so they can’t be independent.

Well, then –  what could be a likely alternative agenda here?

As we all know by now, the job of the press is not to break news. It is to manipulate and create consent. And there are at least two reasons for that:

  • It is a hell of a lot easier to make money (a lot of it) if you control the public narrative.
  • Insecure people just do this. If you know your self-worth, you are not trying to convince other people you are right – right?

There are no doubt most insecure people hide behind the strongest armour. No doubt that most people in the world have some kind of deep, unknown self-esteem issue. Especially those who rise to power. The more powerful they perceive themselves, the more certain it is they use their success to cover up their insecurity.

Then we have Annenberg.org. They pump money into Vaccination clinics. Robert Wood Johnson also pumps a lot of money into the CoronaVirus Pandemic. Robert Wood Johnson I, by the way, is the founder of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals and Robert Wood Johnson IV runs the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He has a HUGE interest in selling as many vaccines or other medicine that he possibly can!

I think it would be pretty fair to claim Robert Wood Johnson has a tremendous interest in vaccine programs through which he will increase his enormous wealth even more.

Based on what I have learned, I have to conclude:


Factcheck.org is NOT independent! Facebook, Annenberg, and Johnson pay their salary! It is business as usual!


We also looked into LeadStories.com which is yet another fact-checker.

Unfortunately, they appear just as crooked as FactCheck.org.

  • The Co-founder Allan Duke from LeadStories.com has worked 26 years for CNN – which is heavily sponsored by Pfizer.
  • Assignment Manager Steve Brusk from LeadStories.com has worked 20 years for CNN…
  • Senior Editor Monte Plott from LeadStories.com has worked for CNN and Associated Press…

CNN is known to bring stories that promote the same agenda and have been proven wrong over and over again.


Conclusion: When FakeBook post a notice that INDEPENDENT fact-checkers have checked our posts they are lying! The Facebook fact-check notice is false information and they are the ones who mislead people!


Some of us believe in diversity and dialogue. Others believe in fascism and control. What do you believe?